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Welcome to the General Store - Trading Post

and our website !


This is the site for our outlet storefronts.

Go to to access our other storefronts or follow the links below.

(Note: The GS in our name comes from or stands for General Store & TP comes from or stands for Trading Post)



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Welcome to the and our various storefronts!

We are dedicated to being an “old fashioned” General Store or Trading Post. A place where you can pick up a variety of essentials and some frills as well.


We currently have several active storefronts, with several more planned for the future. The link and description for each storefront is below.



Exclusive Store

The Exclusive Store focuses on our own products and products that are only found here in our store.

- It also includes other items such as limited distribution items and items that have special enhancements just for our store.

Specialty Store

The Specialty Store contains products for which we have been able to arrange special agreements with the manufacturers or importers.

- The arrangements may be for direct access, special pricing, special availability, expedited delivery, unique features or other aspects.

Main Store

This is the Main Store which contains items from many manufacturers and sources.

- A significant portion of the products in this store are updated routinely through automated processes.

Mini-Mart Store

The Mini-Mart Store contains a smaller number of targeted products.

- There frequently are specials and bonuses offered in this store. Some of these products are unique to our store.

Niche Stores

This site has links to our various niche stores.

- Each Niche Store focuses on one particular area such as games, or health & nutrition, or outdoors, or photography.

Outlet Store

The Outlet Store contains “Turn-Around” items.

- ”Turn-Around” items are products that we have purchased the right to  offer and to sell that we are offering basically as they came. To put it another way, products that we generally have not enhanced.

- For example, we might purchase the rights to an instructional video and the product may be offered here as it came and an enhanced version, where we added additional content to it, may be offered in the Exclusive Store.

Affiliate Store

(undergoing a remodel)

This is the affiliate store which contains items  from other vendors, manufacturers, and sources.

- This store brings together items from numerous sources including Amazon, Clickbank, and RegNow. Through automated processes we routinely refresh the product selection with the latest from these sources. This allows you to come to one storefront to see products available through numerous sources.

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